Peer to Peer PROGRAM


Peer to Peer Program

It can be challenging for youth to make positive choices in the world of bullying, peer pressure, social media, and the desire to remain “cool”. Therefore, we set the stage for youth to share their values and reasons to stay substance free. By discussing this, youth are able to use those values as a guide not only for themselves, but also an example for their peers. Peer to peer learning is an effective approach to enhancing learning, engagement, motivation, and retention.Youth learn best from their peers who dress like them, use the same lingo, listen to the same music- who relate to them. Youth influence other youth.

Youth Leadership Council students were trained in the Governor's Prevention Partnerships E3 (Engage, Encourage, Empower) curriculum to empower youth to become their own advocates, and develop tools needed to speak up and against drugs and alcohol. Youth Leadership Council students utilize these tools learned twice a month at Slade Middle school where they lead substance use prevention presentations with their peers, the peer to peer education program at Slade initiated as a restorative program for students who are caught vaping or in possession of vaping devices while at school. The program has since encompassed peer to peer discussions on how to not make destructive decisions.

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