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The community partners of our Local Prevention Council are here for you. Whether you are looking for mentorship, new skills, or something positive to do - don’t hesitate to reach out!


Engage community partners through collaboration while leveraging resources that educate and empower youth to be responsible by living a positive and substance-free life.


A healthy and thriving community, free of substance misuse.


The Drug-Free Communities (DFC) Support Program is the nation’s leading effort to mobilize communities to prevent and reduce substance use among youth. Created in 1997 by the Drug-Free Communities Act, the DFC program provides grants to community coalitions with the goal of establishing and strengthening collaboration among local partners to reduce substance use among youth.

The Drug Free Community sectors are strategic alliances within the community that have proven to be successful when collaborating with one another in an effort to create a safe, healthy, and drug-free community for youth. On this page you can see all of our Local Prevention Council partners and the ways they come together from different sectors to be partners in youth prevention!

The 12 Drug Free Community Sectors
Minors that are 18 years old or younger
Representatives of faith-based organization who have leadership roles
Community organizations that address substance abuse prevention
Representatives of government-funded agencies with a focus on substance abuse
Individuals legally allowed to provide physical, mental, or behavioral healthcare services
Representatives of organizations that provide civic or volunteer activities to the community
Representatives of law enforcement agencies who are sworn law enforcement officers and/or retired law enforcement officers
Representatives of organizations that provide services to youth
Representatives of public, private, and charter school systems with influence in school policies and procedures
Representatives of communications outlets that provide information to the community
Representatives of a business-related organization
Individuals legally responsible for a child, grandchild, or foster child


Helpful Resources:

If you’re in need of online or in-person resources, we've got you covered. For online tools, check out our Resources page. If you’re looking for help in our own community, check out our Support page!

Partners: Youth Leadership Council


Helpful resources:

Constant communication with kids about the struggles they’re facing is the best way to help them find positive solutions. Visit our Prevention Portal for tools to help you have open and honest conversations!

Partners: Esther Santana, Sara Piatti, and Daisy Sanchez


Key Contacts & Partner Organizations:

Ken House – New Britain Housing Authority

Leticia Mangual – Human Resources Agency

Maura O’Shea – NB Museum of American Art

Stephanie Strucalys – NB Museum of American Art

William Moore – Chamber of Commerce


Key Contacts & Partner Organizations:

Geno Ayala – New Britain High School

Daisy Sanchez – CSDNB

Lisa Kawecki – CSDNB

Mayra Rodriguez – CSDNB

Melissa Vancour – CSDNB

Nancy Sarra – CSDNB

Ryan Langer – CSDNB

Sondra Sanford – CSDNB

Jason Gibson – CSDNB

Jessica Hernandez – CCSU

Youth Serving Organizations

Key Contacts & Partner Organizations:

Mallory Deprey – NB Community Services

Tyshaunda Wiley – Prevention Coordinator

Omar McDew – Youth Services

Erik Barbieri – NB Parks and Rec

Megan Dowling – NB Parks and Rec

James Jones – Boys and Girls Club

Jason Gibson – Boys and Girls Club

Joey Listro – ROOTS

Mervin Allen – Village for Families & Children

Nick Jakabowski – Pathways / Senderos

Paulette Fox – OIC of New Britain

Olga Fritho – YWCA

Valerie Rodino-Cammarota – YWCA

Healthcare Professionals

Key Contacts & Partner Organizations:

Carmen Ortiz – Hospital of Central CT

Esther Santana – Hospital of Central CT

Patrick Ciardullo – New Britain EMS

Francine Truglio – Health Department

Janet Manthey – Community Health Center

Lisa Palazzo – Beacon Health Options

Sara Piatti – Village for Families & Children (Behavioral)

Law Enforcement

Key Contacts & Partner Organizations:

Lisa Steeves – New Britain Police Department

Deputy Chief Ben Murphy – New Britain PAL

Religious Organizations

Key Contacts & Partner Organizations:

Pastor Jane Rowe – South Church

Pastor Dana Smith – New Life II Ministries

Reverend Gervais Bager – Peace Missionary Ministries


Key Contacts & Partner Organizations:

Duane Pierre – Para DYM Academy

Jeniece Roman – New Britain Herald

Sunny Lu Williams – TechServ

Volunteer Organizations

Key Contacts & Partner Organizations:

Desiree Rivera – YMCA, Rotary Club

John Prescod – United Way

Maria Sanchez – American Savings Foundation


Key Contacts & Partner Organizations:

Brock Weber – Mayor’s Office

Justin Dorsey – Mayor’s Office

Max Turgeon – Mayor’s Office

Desiree Costa – Alderwoman

Alden Russel – Alderman

Other Prevention Groups

Key Contacts & Partner Organizations:

Pastor Dana Smith – New Life

Edielynn Cardona – CMHA

Molly Satalino – CMHA

LaToya Tyson – Prevention ACT

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